Learn at Academy Xi

Academy Xi teaches short, practical and skill-specific courses for people or companies wanting to upgrade their capabilities in design and innovation. They train and upskill teams as well as run short, skill-specific courses for individuals.


Learn User Experience Design

User Experience Designers are in demand. Everywhere. Learn from the best in the industry in their 10 week programs - full time or part time.


Learn Service Design

As Customers now have more choice than ever, it's an entire experience with a company that creates a competitive edge. The next wave of Design has emerged and it's as exciting as it is vast. Learn how to create new or improve existing Service Experiences.


Learn Virtual Reality Design

The Experience Tsunami is about to hit us and no single industry vertical is adequately prepared for the insatiable public appetite for what is being referred to as The Last Medium. Now is the time to educate yourself in the creation of immersive experiences.

Also enquire about learning Augmented Reality Design.


Learn Growth Marketing

The bedrock for the survival of a company is its ability to get customers, grow and scale. It is a common misconception that big tech companies spend millions on marketing to acquire their customers; but like all startups, they started from the ground up with zero budget marketing.